A place along the way – Colline Hotel

A place along the way – Colline Hotel

Colline Hotel Article by: Dr. Nathaniel Dunigan and Images by Tom Nsereko & collinehotelltd.com (Lobby)

A Place Along The Way…

A regular column about quick-stops, overnight-breaks, and points-of-interest as we explore beautiful Uganda – by Dr Nathaniel Dunigan.

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Colline Hotel

For forty years, Colline Hotel has sat rather proudly in the middle of Mukono Town, about halfway between Kampala and Jinja.

Too often known only for the traffic jams caused by trucks, and by those of us who travel-through this bustling town, I find that it makes perfect sense to take a break from all that hustle-and-bustle, and enter Colline’s gates.


Once inside, vast gardens welcome you to fresh air and a decent menu of local pizzas, tasty pork, and cold drinks. There’s also an impressive playground for the kids to work off some energy, and even a pool. (Ask to explore a bit before choosing where to settle. It’s much more than the carpark and the entrance building.)

Colline Hotel, garden entrance
Colline Hotel, garden entrance
Colline Hotel, just part of the vast gardens
Colline Hotel, just part of the vast gardens

The hotel itself is a combo of new blocks added to older ones, now seeking to be what the website describes as “radiant”—which is an assortment of chichi furnishings, some with shiny-varnish and others with touches of gold, boldly colored fabrics, heavy drapes, and even a red carpet or two. But the gardens—with the usual menagerie of dancing tables and chairs—tick all the boxes I need for a break from the bumps, exhaust and dust—at a place along the way.

Contact information

Depending on traffic, Colline is about one hour from Acacia Mall...

and just over an hour from downtown Jinja—between Mukono Town’s two major bends in the road—on the left when coming from Kampala.

Tel: +256 781 286892 | +256 784 56973
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Coline Hotel a tropical paradise
Coline Hotel - a tropical paradise (collinehotelltd.com)

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