Places Along the Way – Enro Hotel

Places Along the Way – Enro Hotel

‘Places along the way’ is a regular column about quick-stops, overnight-breaks, and points-of-interest as we explore beautiful Uganda.
Article by: Dr. Nathaniel Dunigan and images courtesy of Enro Hotel, Mityana Town

WHERE? MITYANA TOWN (between Kampala and Fort Portal)



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A large garden with the usual menagerie of chairs and tables, lots of open spaces with some trees and flowers, and flushing ”western” toilets—all make Enro a nice quick-stop in the long journey between Kampala and Fort Portal. (N.B. While the main washrooms signposted from the courtyard behind the central building are squatters, there are “western” toilets down a short exterior corridor on the opposite side of that courtyard. Just ask.)


While closer to Kampala geographically, Mityana is actually a good “halfway” point, having left all the traffic of Kampala behind as you transition to the quieter stretch onward to Fort Portal (or vice versa).


Also, stretch your legs in the garden, and order a cold drink as you proceed.


Enro isn’t an ideal food-stop, but if you find yourself in need of a place to stay overnight, their two largest suites are very comfortable, clean and quiet. (Skip the breakfast buffet; instead, sit in the garden, and ask for black ginger-tea, toast and an egg.)

Contact information

Enro is on the North side of the highway

Look for the large sign on the right as you approach Mityana town from Kampala.

TEL: +256 752 028886  |  Facebook Page

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