Lemala Wildwaters Lodge and Adrift

Lemala Wildwaters Lodge and Adrift

Lemala Wildwaters Lodge and Adrift Overland Camp & Adrift River Club
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East Africa has a new adventure center and visitors are flocking to the River Nile to experience its thrills – and spills.

Renowned brands, Lemala and Adrift now offer visitors a series of unique adventures never before seen in one location.

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Adrift, the popular Ugandan-based adventure brand associated with Lemala Camps and Lodges operates the most exciting, safe and reliable adventure activities on and around the River Nile has just opened two properties close to the exclusive private island escape – Lemala Wildwaters.


In June this year, Adrift finalized child-friendly facilities at Adrift Overland Camp and Adrift River Club on the western banks of the River Nile 2 hours east of Kampala.


With accommodation starting at $18 per person for a spot to set up your tent at Overland Camp up to US$1,240 per person, ultra-romantic and exclusive private pool getaway on Wildwaters, there is accommodation here for every pocket.


Right next door is the Adrift Adventure Centre, a brand-new adventure hub where guests can book and enjoy an unrivalled selection and combination of exciting river and land-based activities provided by Adrift.


Leanne Haigh, CEO of Adrift and Lemala commented; “Adrift and Lemala have always been proud to be deeply committed to our local communities.”

river rafting Lemala Wildwaters Lodge
River rafting down the Nile

About Wildwaters and the Lodge

Wildwaters was born from the waters of the River Nile and we have always recruited staff from the villages along its banks. Our amazingly fresh fish are pulled sustainably from the waters of the river by fishermen whose families have fished these waters for generations. We are absolutely delighted to be extending our support of this entire area. Buying locally grown “fresh from the field” fruits not only means better prices for the farmer, it also shortens our supply lines and environmental footprint. Employing locally and buying locally has brought manifest benefits to this area and we look forward to growing this support still further.”


Lemala Wildwaters Lodge itself only reopened after an extensive refurbishment in May 2021.


Within an incredibly short period of time news of this stunning property spread worldwide, culminating in winning the award for being the most Instagrammable hotel in Africa and second most in the entire world, competing with and beating such industry icons as the Burj al Arab and the Peninsular.


The word unique has been over and badly used in tourism over the years, it is entirely appropriate in the case of Lemala Wildwaters

Lemala Wildwaters Lodge accommodation
Lemala Wildwaters Lodge accommodation

Lemala Wildwaters Lodge

Nestled on Kalangala Island in a rainforest reserve on 16 protected acres, Lemala Wildwaters Lodge is an adventure seeker’s paradise. Accessible only by boat and helicopter, the eight suites, one two-bedroom suite and the very exclusive private pool suite all offer private views of the River Nile and the dense forest that naturally covers the island with the main lodge located on a solid rock peninsula. All three properties offer the perfect extension to a gorilla trek or place to recover from a safari through the game parks of Tanzania and Kenya as an exotic alternative to a Zanzibar beach resort. Or simply a place to escape from city life for a few days of pampering enjoyed with friends and family.


Major renovations at Lemala Wildwaters Lodge included bright and modern updated suites that feature glass-fronted windows, locally handmade furniture, bathrooms with rain showers and secluded wooden decks with daybeds and elegant free-standing baths that add a level of sophistication and adventure for guests. To elevate the public spaces of the property, an incredibly dramatic new pool was added and lounge areas re-imagined.

Lemala Wildwaters Bungee Oksana Nov 22
Lemala Wildwaters Bungee Oksana Nov 22

Wildwaters Reserve

James Haigh, Head of Sales and Marketing shares, “Our goal was to create a seamless experience for guests traveling between our properties.  Lemala and Adrift allows us to combine adventure with a modern luxury experience in a magnificent location, to connect with nature and enjoy the breathtaking views whilst actively contributing to the conservation of this very special part of Uganda.”


All three properties are at the heart of the newly formed Wildwaters Reserve home to river otters, giant monitor lizards and hundreds of species of birds. The lodges are a center-piece for a conservation initiative aimed at protecting this pristine environment for future generations, in part by ensuring that the local communities benefit directly from the visitors to the lodge.

Adrift white water rafting
Adrift White Water rafting down the Nile


The river Nile is globally recognised for its legendary whitewater rafting. Adventurous guests can choose to take on these thundering waters with Lemala’s own adventure company – Adrift, the most established – and safest – provider of fun on the river.


Guests at all of the camps can enjoy activities including whitewater rafting, horseback safaris, quad biking, kayaking, guided fishing, one-person river bugs, mountain biking, birding and walks through hospitable communities that have inhabited the banks of the Nile for generations as well as the newest, highest bungee tower in all of East Africa.

Bookings and information

Please contact:

Lemala Wildwaters Lodge:
(t) +256 772 237 400
(e) info@wildwaterslodge.com 
(website) lemalacamps.com

(t) +256 755 225587
(e) info@adrift.ug
(website) www.adrift.ug

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