Terms and Conditions

Term & Conditions

Conditions You Need to Follow

  • Registration and accounts

    Any Ugandan-based company or individual may register an account on this website, comment on articles and review business listings. Any missused accounts will be deleted. Spammers are not welcome here. The Eye Magazine reserves the right to remove any unlawful or unwanted content & users.

  • Free directory listings

    You may add a free listing to our directory, once approved by admin it will remain active on the website for 1 Year. After that time has lapst, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to a paid package to keep your listing live on the website and it will be added in the printed magazine as well. The Eye Magazine has the right to refuse or delete any listing or content that violates any of our ethical, privacy or business policies.

  • Paid directory listings

    Paid for packages will be put live if approved by admin and once payment has been confirmed. Please double check that your contact details and any information entered is acurate and up to date; benefits of paid submissions; paid directory listings are live on the website and in the magazine for a period of 1 year - you may choose to reactivate your package at the end of each year to keep your listing active. Deletion of paid listings: We will keep your listing on file for 3 months after the package expirary date, after that time, we reserve the right to delete the listing.

  • Rules about directory submissions

    All legal business listings are welcome however inappropriate language of any kind will not be tollerated. The Eye magazine reserves the right to remove unwanted content. This website should remain open to all ages so any sexually explicit content will be removed if it violates any of our ethic and privacy policies. No directory submission with unlawful purpose will be allowed. The Eye Magazine reserves the right to reject or delete directory submissions. If your listing is not approved, we will not accept your payment and your money will be refunded.

  • Who may post a listing?

    Any legal Ugandan based business may post a listing on this website, as long as you stick to the guidelines outlined by our terms and conditions on this page. The Eye Mgazine reserves the right to refuse publishing a listing if it violates any of our policies.

  • Banner advertising on this website

    Please contact Shaz on +256 782 947882 if you would like to place a banner or sidebar advert on this website.

  • Duplicate business listings

    Please do a quick search to make sure that your listing does not already appear on this website. If it does, please hit the "claim" option to gain access to the listing and look after it as your own.

Please follow these guidelines when using the directory

  1. Please do a quick search to make sure that your listing does not already appear on this website. If it does, please hit the "claim" option rather than "add listing"
  2. Make sure you post in the correct category.
  3. Make sure to add a region or town location for your listing
  4. Do not upload pictures with watermarks.
  5. Do not post ads containing multiple items unless it's a package deal.
  6. Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.