An Inclusive Education at ISU

An Inclusive Education at ISU

All students are individuals, and all students can learn…

When you interact with your children, you can see similarities and differences.  Comparisons between yourself as a parent, and your child are often made – “she gets her math skills from her mom” or “he looks just like his dad.”  

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We often make comments – “can’t you be more like your brother”, but more often, we recognise that each of our children is unique, has their own strengths, talents, passions, and differences.  At times these differences can be a challenge to learning, and therefore, we must understand how best to support each child on their individual learning journey.

At the International School of Uganda, we come together as a whole school, a community of learners, to develop a sense of belonging for everyone.  Accepting each of our unique identities promotes the development of international mindedness, agentic learning, and responsible citizenship.  We support, guide, and empower the community throughout the journey of inclusion and lifelong learning.  As a community, we understand that everyone can learn and reach their full potential given access and ownership.  We accept the responsibility for educating and enabling students, staff, and parents in realizing our philosophy.  We strive to remove the barriers to an inclusive education and provide all learners with experiences that cultivate agency, embrace partnership, and nurture strengths.

How do we create this culture of inclusion?

Based on our beliefs, we ensure that we have the resources and professional learning in place for all our educators.  Resources include trained learning support teachers, assistant teachers, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, access to an educational psychologist, assistive technologies, and access to high quality resources, training and workshops held by experts around the world.

We believe all teachers are teachers of all children. 

We have a culture of collaboration so that when planning, teachers are able to create learning experiences that are differentiated and personalized to support each child where they are at on their journey.

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At admissions we seek to know the individual child that is enrolling at ISU.  We gather as much data and information, not to decide whether to admit or not, but to make sure we have the best program possible and the resources in place.  Whether a child has mild, moderate, intensive learning needs, or is highly able, we need to have a strong understanding of the child’s strengths and difficulties so that we can put the right support in place to appropriately challenge the child and help them to grow and achieve their best.

Junior School Students testing their maker space model
Junior School Students testing their maker space model

To further live our philosophy of inclusion we have had to adapt to our environment. 

If you have been to our campus, you know it is a beautiful 33-acre oasis of green and nature with state of the art science labs, a new arts center and theater space, sports facilities and learning spaces that are developmentally appropriate at each grade level.  We are also on a hill and have many stairs.  How did we adapt when a child applied who uses a wheelchair?  We created new pathways throughout the campus with ramps to allow access.  This continues to be a journey, but our attitude is to make it work, so that all children can access learning and be a part of our community.

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Simon Gillespie Head of International School of Uganda
Simon Gillespie Head of International School of Uganda

Our journey towards inclusion continues at ISU.

We are proud that we recognise differences, and that all children can be successful.  Learn more about our programmes and the dynamic learning environment by visiting our website at

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