Ark Organics Kololo

Ark Organics Kololo

A one-stop food market for made-in-Africa products

Welcome to the world of Ark Organics Kololo, where we are revolutionizing healthy lifestyles through our innovative farm-to-table approach. We are a made-in-Africa grocery store and at the heart of our operation is a farm in Kapeeka, where dedicated farmers prioritize quality and sustainability. The food they grow is not only fresh and organic but also locally sourced, reducing carbon emissions and supporting our community.

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Our Shop

Step into our speciality shop in Kololo, and you’ll be greeted by an abundance of flavours and colours. Here, we proudly sell the fresh ingredients harvested from our farm as well as stocking a variety of Made in Uganda household products. With over 120 Ugandan suppliers, our fully stocked grocery store has all the necessitates you need. But our shop is more than just a place to buy groceries.It’s a sanctuary of greenery, with an urban farm showcasing leafy greens, herbs, and food spices where we harvest organic produce fresh for every order. It’s a beautiful reminder of our commitment to the environment and our belief in sustainable living.


Nonetheless, our dedication to the community doesn’t stop there. Inside our shop, you’ll find a demonstration garden, inviting children to explore their passion for agriculture. We believe in nurturing the next generation’s connection with the land and inspiring them to become environmental stewards.

Ark Organics speciality shop in Kololo
Ark Organics speciality shop in Kololo

Revive Bistro

Once you’ve experienced the wonders of our shop, it’s time to indulge in the culinary delights of Revive Bistro, the final destination in our chain. Our talented chefs craft delicious meals using the bounty from our farm, customizing them to meet your preferences while ensuring they are nourishing and healthy. Every bite is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavour.


Ark Deli

Do visit Ark Deli, our most recent addition. Here, you can discover a selection of your favourite locally sourced cheese varieties, and outsourced quality brands like Brown’s paired perfectly with our freshly baked bread from our partners at Karveli.


And if you’re looking to enhance your dining or cheese-tasting experience, browse our curated collection of wines.

Ark Organics Kololo restaurant
Ark Deli
ark deli wine tasting

Our Core Values

The core of our business lies in empowering local farmers, supporting them in planting, processing value-added products, and creating amazing Uganda-made brands. We understand the importance of preserving the land and have taken measures to ensure safer foods grown using organic approaches. In our shop, we collect and recycle plastics and other harmful materials to protect the soil. The ones we can’t recycle are repurposed as containers for our flowers and groceries, promoting a greener future or given to our partners at Ghetto Research Labs in Kamwokya to upcycle into jewelry, skipping ropes and bottle bricks.

Organic food produce fields

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a healthy living community that is mindful of its environment and empowers the less privileged among us, particularly vulnerable women and children. By choosing Ark Organics Kololo, you join this movement and contribute to building Uganda together. We support the community with our crafts section as it is made by the physically handicapped thus we promote their products so as to provide income to their households in conjunction with the Mbuyu Foundation. Within the same location, you’ll also find The Explorers Hub, a business hotel strategically placed to meet your quick business needs. As a visitor, you’ll enjoy the amenities of all our businesses, immersing yourself in the world of Ark Organics Kololo.

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Deco and Beauty Monday - Ark Organics
Ark Organics accommodation

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So, whether you’re seeking fresh ingredients, a delightful meal, or a place to stay, come and join us in our mission to build a culture of healthy living, support local farmers, and create a sustainable future – Welcome to our world

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