Casa Cafe Kampala vegeterian restaurant review

Casa Cafe Kampala vegeterian restaurant review

Casa Cafe is the sole fully vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Uganda with an Italian flair

The first ethically aware restaurant in Kampala

Kampala is like a little New York for the variety of food options it offers! Yet an Italian and fully vegetarian and vegan restaurant was missing until two courageous ladies came together, an Italian with her vision for cruelty-free and healthy food, and a Ugandan with her gifted hands.

Bea and Teo thus embarked on this culinary adventure of opening the restaurant-coffee shop called Casa Café, a little gem in the heart of Kololo.

Casa Café is located in a peaceful green compound, just a few meters away from the airstrip, with fresh air and green surroundings. Offering seating perfect for gatherings with friends, there is also a small playground area, making the place family-friendly too. The free Wi-Fi connection also makes it ideal for teleworkers who are looking for a quiet place to work away from home.

Casa Café satisfies the tastes and needs of a wide range of people. First and foremost, Casa Café is the new go-to place for all those people looking for delicious and freshly made food; anyone will be impressed by the high quality of food and will learn to appreciate the variety and originality of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Secondly, lovers of Italian food, un-doubtfully one of the most appreciated in the world, can enjoy many of the traditional Italian dishes such as homemade Tagliolini Al Pesto or Pasta Alla Norma, cooked rigorously al dente! Last but not least, the vegetarian and vegan community in Uganda can find here a home for tasty, wholesome cuisine.

In addition to Italian dishes, the menu includes homemade bagels, vegan burgers, homemade vegan ice cream, a selection of crispy snacks and the signature cauliflower wings and fried tofu rice. Do not miss out on the vegan Tiramisù (to be ordered ahead), creamier and lighter than the classic original recipe.

An assortment of freshly made fruit juice and hot drinks is available for your breakfast and for any moment you feel in need of a boost.

Beyond the tasty food and pleasant atmosphere, the team at Casa Café is kind, smiling and always ready to satisfy special requests.

Casa Café makes great efforts to be an eco-friendly business, reducing waste by offering bamboo and metal straws, serving water in carafes with lemon and mint and, above all, by promoting a food philosophy with a footprint on the Planet as light as possible.

Make sure you find time to check out this new delight in town.

Casa Cafe Kampala Restaurant Review 2022
Casa Cafe Kampala vegan Restaurant food drink

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