Jinja in Two Days

Jinja in Two Days

Two days in Jinja – What to do, what to see and where to go

Article written by Okello Etik – Brand Strategist, content writer, copywriter and spoken word poet at Kemet Consult.

You have not been to Uganda if you have not experienced Jinja.

Cementing its position as the adventure capital of Uganda, Jinja offers a cocktail of sights, activities, and experiences that guarantee you fun, excitement, and a good chill.

Its historical, Geographical, and spiritual nature lends it a relaxing aura that is unique to it alone. You see Jinja is the home of the famous river Nile, the elegant Lake Victoria, numerous hills, and the welcoming Basoga people.

  •  It is also the gateway to the Eastern region of the country, making it a perfect stop way if you intend to go further to the Elgon mountain ranges.
  • The proximity to the capital city, Kampala makes it convenient to travel at any time.
  • Jinja has 2 Airstrips for accessible emergency entrance and exit situations in Kimaka and Kakira respectively.

Two days in Jinja

Are you scheduling an adventure trip around the country and wondering how and where you are going to spend your time? Are you a tourist agency contemplating what unforgettable activities your clients can indulge in? Or do you have only a few days to have a vacation off your very tight work schedule?

Here is a guide on the best ways to spend a two-day holiday in Jinja, what to do, the places you should go to, and what not to miss out on. A combination of any of these will certainly leave you with a tale to tell.

Bungee Uganda

Something to tick off your bucket list.

Imagine standing at the edge of a 44-meter tower above the magnificence of Africa’s longest river. A tightness momentarily grips your chest, finally being replaced by a burst of adrenaline. The moment of great reckoning is then.

Located in Kimaka 3Km from the main road, Bungee Jumping is one of the most popular and sought-after activities in Jinja. Few places on the continent boast of having it the other places being in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. It is a favourite for hard-core adventure lovers, groups, families, and even individuals

Increase your rush by racing off-road through the rough wild beautiful terrains and lush red soils of Bujagali. Quad biking is another activity that will guarantee you and your team assured fun.

Between 4-6 Hour Activity

Boat tour on the Source of the Nile

  • Allow the fresh gentle breeze from the river to refresh you while listening to the melodious cacophony of various bird species singing in the thicket of vegetation.
  • Have a clear view of the 3 bridges that have over the years served as the entrances to the Eastern part of Uganda. The first one of 1930, then 1954, and the current one was commissioned in 2018.
  • I recommend having this ride in the evening so you catch the reflection of the beautiful sunset. It is an enlightening spectacle to behold.
  • Most importantly, pay homage to the river Nile, known to have been the greatest influence on the ancient civilization of Egypt. The quest to discover its source was one of the most important scientific questions of the 19th century in Europe put to bed by John Speke in 1862, come and be part of history.  It also holds the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, his ashes were scattered here. 

A 3-Hour Activity

Jinja Mainstreet Art Market

The best way of experiencing a place is through the eyes of its artists, the Art market is located in the part of town that still maintains its old elegance. Enjoy the culture of Jinja and the East by strolling through the 200-meter-long stretch.

  • Buy yourself Souvenirs and memorabilia to take a part of Jinja with you or sit at one of the roadside cafes and have a good cup of Ugandan coffee.

A 2-Hour Activity

Busowoko Falls

One of the last waterfalls on the Victoria Nile others having been submerged by the building of Hydro Electric dams. The insistent tumultuous roar of the water beating against the rocks is the sound that welcomes you to this part of Budondo.  Take in the breathtaking scenery for it will continue lingering in your mind long after.

A 1-Hour Activity

Water Rafting

Navigate through the whitewater

The numerous water rapids make the Nile one of the best places in the world to do rafting from. Sought after by those who enjoy challenges and head-turning experiences, even beginners are catered for.

Companies like Adrift Uganda, Nile river explores, and Nalubaale rafting will get you professional safe services.

A 6-Hour Activity

White River Rafting in Jinja by Andrew Cayla
White River Rafting in Jinja by Andrew Cayla

Uganda Railway Museum

Jinja has Uganda’s only railway museum, get to learn the history and stages of the locomotives of what was once Uganda’s best mode of transport. Located at the Jinja railway station along the Jinja Iganga highway, a good place to relax and learn.

A 1-Hour Activity

Where to sleep

  • Lemala wildwaters Lodge
    The runner-up of ‘The most instagramable hotel in the world 2022, Lemala waters hotel is nestled in the riverine forests of Kalagala island right at the raging part of the Nile. One of the perfect destinations for a honeymoon or pure luxury. The pool view beside the river is one great scene to ponder. It is worth every penny.
  • Nile Bridge Cottages
    Good accommodation at for a not so high budget, moreover with the best services. Highly recommend this place that opened its gates in January 2022.
    There are many campsites overlooking the river if you want to have a complete sense of adventure. Camp Rhima and Nile river camp are some that come up off head.
Jinja in 2 days Lemala wildwaters lodge
Aerial View of Lemala Wildwaters Lodge

Places to Eat

Jinja’s multi-cultural population makes it a good place to explore different tastes and cultures. Here are some places to have fine dining experiences.

Qlea Café:

Qlea café gives you a fusion of taste, warmth and a good vibe. Known for its creative menu, awesome coffee, and natural healthy juices, enjoy the great service and wafting aroma inside this warm homely café. Be sure to enjoy the live band and Karaoke sessions while mingling with Jinja’s artistic crowd every Friday evening.

Qlea Cafe Jinja Image
Qlea Café - Jinja

Yellow Chilli

Ensnare your taste buds with the spicy and international cuisine at Yellow chill. You cannot go wrong with this choice, the aesthetics fit right with the food.

Where to hang out?

The Bourbon

Experience a great evening at the floating bar or the river Nile with a great view and a beautiful sunset. The best hangout found on Bridge street.

The aura of Jinja is such that you calm down, relax and replenish yourself mentally and physically. It is for that reason has been known by many to be therapeutic. 


  1. Okello Etik

    It was awesome writing this given my experiences in Uganda’s Adventure capital.
    I ask my word not to be taken for what it is, Go and experience Jinja yourself and you will not remain the same.

  2. Jennifer Mugisha

    This is beautifully written and true✨ I can’t wait to be back in Jinja.


    It is both an informative and captivating article.
    Price ranges for the different activities and amenities would have been helpful though.

    1. The Eye Magazine

      Thank you Bruno … next time! We appreciate the feedback

  4. Aber Fiona

    I haven’t come across such a captivating and convincing article of the sort since I began with my reading hobby of Ugandan books, articles or poems by Ugandan writters. It feels so unreal but true about Jinja. It’s lingering in my mind into a blossoming sweet Melody.
    Wow I’m convinced so damn much😍
    Kudos to our Author Etik Okello T’ongolo😘😘


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