Kiram Veterinary Surgery and Pet Travels

Kiram Veterinary Surgery and Pet Travels

KIRAM Veterinary Surgery & Pet Travels Article By Dr Michael Kiragga. Images By Doreen @Elishadi

About us

We are a team of professional and passionate veterinary surgeons offering excellent veterinary medical care to pets and companion small animals

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Kiram Vet Surgery and Pet Travels is registered and licensed by Uganda Veterinary Board (UVB) as a Small and & Large animal surgery

Located on Plot 301, Sir Jose close off Ggaba road, just before Cape road junction, Ggaba-Kampala in Uganda.

Over the years, through continuous professional education, sharing and attending global world-class veterinary conference in Portugal (WSAVA), Dubai, to mention but a few, we have equipped our team with current knowledge, techniques, and skills that are useful in patients’ health care management.

Our Surgery is pet friendly and spacious with separate consultation rooms, indoor and outdoor waiting areas with free Wifi. This has greatly solved hospital related stress from natural enemies ie cats and dogs.


Our in-house laboratory is equipped with current diagnostic equipment and results are attained with minimal turn-around time. This fulfills our major objective of evidence-based medicine as it saves time, money and above all lives for our patients. We do complete blood counts (CBC), Serum chemistry and organ function analysis tests and ultrasound diagnostic.

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Our surgery theater is well equipped with stainless steel cages, temperature regulated operational tables, surgery light and gas anesthesia with oxygen supply. This guarantees safety of our patients during and post-surgery.

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Our pet travel department is led by relocation specialists who have worked with like-minded pet shippers and have been trained by IATA in live animals’ transportation regulations.

We are now internationally recognized and are proud members of IPATA. This re-ensures quality professionalism and accountability in line with smooth and stress-free pet relocation.

Our Services

  • General Medicine
  • Veterinary Surgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Micro-Chipping
  • Vaccinations 
  • Pet Relocation & Travel Services
  • Grooming
  • Kennels & Wellness Check-ups
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Contact information

Kiram Veterinary Surgery and Pet Travels

301 Sir Jose close – off Ggaba road – just before Cape road junction, Ggaba, Kampala
Tel: +256 394 805778 / +256 771 605442
Web:  |  Instagram

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